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Behind each of our projects there is experience, attention and passion, ours and that of those who work with us. We are lovers of the landscape and we listen to the rhythms of nature without distorting them, highlighting the beauty and giving breath to the soul of the environment on which our hands work.

An oasis where harmony is nourished by colors, scents and shapes. A place where elegance is the lymph of the gaze and the feeling. For us this is every green space, a special dimension to be designed, with a single protagonist: the landscape.

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Gardens and residential parks

When we build a residential garden, our priority is to create a unique and sought-after space, which represents the soul of the residence that welcomes it and those who live it. Green has infinite nuances, so we listen and collaborate with the customer, making our expertise available to choose and recommend the most suitable plants and trees to live in a given environment, enhancing it.

We have experience in gardens of any size and landscape style and we offer solutions for furnishing elements, lighting systems, irrigation systems and flooring, in formal or Italian gardens, Japanese style gardens, educational gardens, every type of garden theme.

Gardens and parks for accommodation facilities

We know how important green is in the world of hospitality. It is not just a question of aesthetics, it is a plus to offer, live and breathe. This is why the service we offer for hotels, resorts and farmhouses is complete and attentive to detail. It starts from the care and the revaluation of the green and of the existing spaces, to then pass to the pergolas and to the creation of architectural elements, fountains and paving. We cultivate harmony: we create gardens and parks, we imagine green not as a nuance, but as a rule and compositional principle, the foundation of those who make hospitality their work.

Gardens and historical parks

We have been restoring historic parks and gardens for many years. The experience allows us to carry out all the necessary interventions to bring life to the historic green spaces and their architectural, decorative and monumental elements. We start from the study of the existing critical issues – precious and fundamental in such particular contexts – to then manage the intervention protecting the landscape importance that a garden or a historical park represents for the cultural heritage. They are unique resources that the territory has given us and that work every day on wonder.


Water is life, freshness, wonder. Presence necessary, but not intrusive. More than ever inside a park or a garden, where a swimming pool must respect an existing balance and enhance its harmony. We directly follow all the construction phases, from the study of the insertion in the landscape and architectural context, to the excavations, passing through the furnishings and finishing details. An intervention “ready to dive”, which begins with the sketch and ends with the technical design and the executive plant design.


Evocative, suggestive, precious. The fountains have always been fundamental and fundamental elements of the gardens. We deal with the construction and restoration of modern and classic fountains for historic and contemporary gardens. We follow the construction process, from architectural and technological design to installation, taking advantage of the support of specialized and highly experienced technicians, to guarantee high professionalism during all phases of the work.

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We study, we design, we realize
parks and gardens following the project from beginning to end, with high-level means, products and skills. We take care of every phase with care and precision, focusing on the details that make a space unique and special.

We observe, we listen, we understand
the needs of space and those of the customer, to provide a service that meets expectations. We love nature, so we never force its rhythms and possibilities. At the same time we know it well, and this allows us to find the best solution for every need.

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Let's start with the idea. In each creation we dedicate time and attention to the design phase, taking care of every detail with precision and passion. The goal is to research and recreate the balance and grace of nature within each green space.


Construction and maintenance of green carpets

The grass mats we make are the result of a careful study of climatic conditions, soil characteristics and irrigation methods. The research allows us to select the best mix of species to form each lawn, our equipment to take care of the maintenance of all types of green coverings.



We create flooring for walkways, streets and paths within parks and gardens. We choose the materials paying great attention to environmental care and local traditions.


Maintenance and care of gardens and parks

Creating a park or garden is just the first step in a journey. Our team is attentive and active, ready to take care of trees, hedges, shrubs and lawns, swimming pools, fountains and water games, systems and irrigation systems. This in the parks and gardens designed by us, but also in those already existing, because ours is a true passion.


Garden fountains

We design and build all the elements that are part of the world of water in the garden - fountains, water features, fish ponds, streams, waterfalls, ponds, springs, natural pools - seeking the perfect balance between technical-functional requirements and aesthetic qualities.


Pergolas and garden furniture

We create and install garden pergolas and custom-made furnishings to protect outdoor spaces and improve functionality and aesthetics. To do this in the best way, we collaborate with companies and artisans capable of creating elegant architectural elements and exclusive furnishing objects.


Hanging gardens

We have extensive experience in the design and construction of roof gardens, such as terraces, floors and roofs. Our goal is to guarantee a high aesthetic-landscape quality and a perfect hold of the structures, bringing high energy and environmental benefits.

Light up

Exterior lighting

A good lighting system is essential for a green area project, both aesthetically and functionally. Our team has experts in the field of tailor-made outdoor lighting systems, able to make the most of residential and public gardens.



Within parks and gardens we also deal with building works, both structural and finishing and detail. Our knowledge of craft techniques and the use of quality materials allows us to provide complete construction services for private gardens and small and large parks.


Ancient trees

We have an excellent knowledge of plant diseases and treatment techniques for curative and preventive operations of lawns, blooms, shrubs and trees. We use methods and products of natural and biological origin for the care of the green, to guarantee the health of people for the defense of the environment.


Pruning tall trees (tree climbing)

We have the equipment and knowledge to treat trees at other stems at high altitude. On these, we perform sprinkling and endotherapic interventions, injecting plant protection products directly into the trunk of the plants, with tangible advantages and a low environmental impact.



We design and install irrigation systems and automatic watering systems for each type of green space. It is essential that the plant is efficient: it must ensure total coverage of the grass and a dosed irrigation for the plants. Depending on the context, we also insert reservoirs for accumulation of rainwater or drainage and often, in tourism companies, we transform the reservoirs into small artificial lakes that can be used for sports activities.