Restoration of a historic park for the Grand Hotel, Florence

Historic garden restoration at the Grand Hotel, Florence Positioning and restoration of fountains in the historic park garden of a hotel in FLORENCE

The 5* Grand Hotel stands at the edge of the historic centre of Florence and includes the old Gherardesca garden, a city monument and one of its most important historic gardens. It was transformed from an Italian garden into an English garden in the 1700s, and enhanced with exotic plants, pools, fountains and grassy knolls. After numerous upheavals and restoration overseen by the architect, Pietro Porcinai, in recent years the garden has become part of the hotel grounds, when it was restored yet again in its current formation. In this context, Dimensione Verde organised the preservative restoration of the historic fountains, revitalisation of the ornamental plants and configuration of most of the lawns. Restoration project: Giorgio Galletti, architect